Tracie Q. Gilbert

Tracie Gilbert

Ms. Tracie Q. Gilbert is the founder of Gilbert Educational Ministries and an educator, with a passion for providing holistic development opportunities for adolescents and their advocates. Ms. Gilbert has over 15 years experience working with young people and youth development programs, in a variety of settings across the U.S. Midwest and East Coast. Currently, Ms. Gilbert resides in West Philadelphia, PA, where she provides health counseling and resource support for high school students.

Ms. Gilbert was the 2011 winner of the Women for Social Innovation’s Turning Point Prize, which she used to begin The Empowered Mom’s Think Tank, a 10-month initiative geared toward helping African American female caregivers talk to young people about sensitive topics. She has provided presentations for a wide range of special events, including the 2012 Black Male Development Symposium, the 2012 National Black Child Development Institute’s Annual Conference, and Congressman Chakah Fattah’s 2011 National Conference on Higher Education.