Beth Gellman-Beer

Beth Gellman Beer

Ms. Beth Gellman-Beer, a Supervisory Attorney for the federal government, travels the country providing training sessions regarding significant civil rights issues related to sex, race and disability discrimination and harassment. With a longterm commitment to civil rights, Beth was interested in school law since a young age, when she was diagnosed with a learning disability in third grade and faced many obstacles and struggles as a result. Beth is passionate about her national leadership as she loves working with educators to support them in creating a more inclusive school culture.

Ms. Gellman-Beer earned her B.A. in Anthropology in 1997 from Franklin and Marshall College and her J.D. from the Temple University School of Law in 2004. Upon graduation, Ms. Gellman-Beer worked at a civil litigation firm, with some representation in employment discrimination lawsuits. In 2006 Ms. Gellman-Beer was hired as a general attorney for the federal government and was promoted to a Supervisory Attorney in 2010, where she leads a team of attorneys and investigators in investigating and resolving complaints of discrimination against institutions receiving federal funding. Ms. Gellman-Beer has lead her team in a number of high profile investigations and resolutions involving various civil rights issues including sexual assault, sexual harassment, racial harassment, disability discrimination, etc.