Taking Sides

Dr. David M Hall is the editor of Taking Sides: Family and Personal Relationships, a college text. This book is used to examine diverse perspectives on some of the most controversial issues in our society. Using some of the most reputable scholars and publications available, readers are provided with an opportunity to read well-researched perspectives from competing positions on highly divisive issues within our society.

As a strong proponent of the belief that healthy discourse within a society is dependent on deliberative discussion of the issues that divide us most, Dr. Hall is proud to provide this resource for college campuses across America. Students have the opportunity to examine topics such as marriage equality, adoption, sex-reassignment surgery for children born intersex, and many other topics.

The following units are specifically addressed in Dr. Hall’s Taking Sides: Family and Personal Relationships:

  • Unit 1 Parental Decision Making: What’s Best for Children . . . or What’s Best for Parents?
  • Unit 2 How Much Control Should Parents Have Over Their Children’s Lives?
  • Unit 3 Being Inclusive: Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Individuals, Couples, and Families
  • Unit 4 Twenty-First-Century Sexuality Issues