Allies at Work App

Are you trying to create  a work environment that is inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees?

Is it important to work with more allies?

Would you like the best research to be in your pocket, one-click away?

The Allies at Work app provides essential highlights from Dr. Hall’s Allies at Work book, published by Out & Equal. Dr. Hall, a nationally recognized speaker, has divided the app into easily accessible sections.

Every executive, manager and employee needs this app. Once you have it, build and save in the app an action plan to create a more inclusive work environment and then email your personalized action plan to yourself and your colleagues and friends.

This app will provide critical information for your workplace:

  • essential qualities of an ally
  • stages of coming out
  • responses to coming out
  • what you can do
  • cultural competency
  • creation of an individualized action plan
  • much, more more

At only $1.99, this app can result in increased productivity in your workplace.

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