Protecting Our Kids

Parents want to protect their children from sexual predators. Most parents would agree that there no investment more valuable than taking the time to learn the best research- based information for protecting your children from sexual abuse.

This David M Hall Associates publication is the first step to offering your children better protection. This is a manual written to help parents, guardians, and loved ones protect children from sexual predators. We live in an environment in which there are shows designed for purposes of entertainment such as To Catch a Predator. While many consume parents media stories about the dangers that children face, these sources rarely provide information related to what is required to properly protect children.

This manual tells you, based on the best research available, how predators think and act.  It compiles the best information from the best minds in America – non-profits, the FBI, universities, and more – to provide research-based solutions to reduce a child’s risk of being abused by a sexual predator.

This manual, running over 100 pages in length, is divided into the following sections:

  • About Child Sexual Abuse
  • Awareness & Child Sexual Abuse
  • Prevention & Child Sexual Abuse
  • Intervention & Child Sexual Abuse
  • Where Do We Go From Here?

This manual is meant to serve as a guide to reduce the chance that your child will be victimized by a sexual predator. This is an attempt to educate parents so that they know how to protect their children. The last thing that you should do is read this and needlessly shelter your child. In fact, being literate on this subject should enable your child to interact with this world with more freedom and safety than they could have before you learned this critical information.