LGBT Work Issues

In preparing for a 21st Century workforce, visionary companies are striving to create a work environment in which all employees can bring their whole selves to work regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity/expression.   It is the intent of this work to serve as a practical guide to address workplace inclusion.  Throughout the training, you will find citations of valuable theories and frameworks.  In each and every case, theories are provided with pertinent workplace examples.  In an effort to enhance organizational development and effectiveness, these trainings aims to foster a more inclusive work environment.

Dr. Hall’s programs also provide you with research-based strategies for creating change in workplace culture. It is this very process that moves us from discussion to action.  Conversation and commentary may be given high priority within an organization, but they are not enough to bring about the necessary changes that foster equity and more effective organizational development.

Dr. Hall offers programs on some of the following issues for workplace:

  • Allies at Work
  • Trans Workplace Inclusion Scale (PDF)
  • Out at Work
  • Changing Corporate Culture
  • LGBT Inclusive Sexual Harassment
  • Uncovering Diversity
  • Managing Resistance

Dr. Hall provides an array of trainings, ranging from keynote presentations to train the trainer, that create a more culturally competent work environment. His presentation can include integration of actionable items from his Allies at Work book or app.