Student Programs

“There is only one person on the planet that I know of who an both an expert sexuality educator and a professionally trained clown. And when Dr. David M. Hall brings these worlds together, it is an opportunity to learn about sexuality in a program full of laughter and creativity.”

– Bill Taverner, Executive Director, Center for Family Life Education

This program uses “edutainment” and includes lots of laughter to teach about Title IX, safer sex, risk taking, HIV, LGBTQ inclusion, and more. High on laughter and audience participation, ILI uses edutainment, games, and research-based messages to help students assess such issues as well as risk taking, trust, and healthy communication, and more. We will assist peer educators in identifying skills to have open, honest, and effective discussions about these complicated issues and decision making. Our presentations are pertinent to heterosexual students as well as LGBT students.

Student programs may cover the following topics:

  • Title IX (compliant with DOJ OCR Title IX requirements)
  • Relationship Violence (compliant with VAWA requirements)
  • LGBTQ Issues
  • College Bullying and Sexual Harassment
  • Safer Sex
  • HIV Prevention
  • Balancing College and Personal Lives