NCAA Programs

NCAA and David M Hall Associates are partnering to provide Advanced Diversity Training for NCAA member institutions. Highlights of the program for member institutions:

  • These programs are available at NO cost to member institutions. It is an NCAA benefit. Member institutions are only responsible to cover one night of lodging for the diversity trainer. Programs are available for Division I, II and III members.
  • Athletic Directors can organize specifically designed training programs for their department or coaching/consulting for specific needs in their department.
  • All trainers have national reputations in diversity and inclusion and hold advanced degrees.

Training Programs

Programs consist of a 4-hour training for the Athletic Director and her or his selected participants (this program can be shortened to accommodate the scheduling needs of the university). Additionally, there is an optional 2-hour student program available.

The following training programs are provided to NCAA member institutions.

  • Allies, Bystanders and Diversity in Athletics – We have seen too many high profile examples of bystander inaction causing great harm. Our ally program empowers bystanders and brings us stronger teams while reducing the chance of litigation.
  • LGBTQ Inclusion in Athletics – Many college campuses recognize that there is a need for further work in LGBTQ inclusion so that all student athletes and staff can bring their whole selves onto the field.
  • Title IX: Compliance and Changing School Culture – This program is provided to better understand Title IX compliance and changing school culture.

Coaching and Consulting Services

What specific diversity and inclusion issues do you need addressed? Title IX and gender equity? Racial diversity? Harassment and bullying? Cultural competency and religion? Trans inclusion? Lesbian and gay inclusion? Diversity and inclusion policies? Moving from policy to practice?

NCAA will provide David M Hall Associates experts to provide coaching and consulting on an as needed basis for NCAA member institutions. These sessions are all individually tailored to meet the unique needs of the college or university.