“I was able to take the course and not feel ‘lost’ in a world of educational jargon…. Finally, a course where your hard work and efforts can be utilized! I would definitely take another course taught by Dr. Yetter and others offered through your program.”

Jackie Raco, School Nurse

“These classes are important for ALL educators to take… This epidemic must be eradicated in our school system, and we as educators are the first line of defense armed with the knowledge these classes offer.”

Lisa Lippo, High School Teacher

“Engaging. Relevant. Practical. As a busy parent and full-time middle school teacher, these are the qualities I look for in graduate level courses. My time is valuable and I want to use it wisely. Innovative Learning Institute courses have always provided me with courses that exceed my expectations. The work is purposeful and practical, easily transferable to my classroom.”

Christina Brunschwyler, Middle School teacher

“Bullying prevention is an area we have worked on for years, but not with the focus, cohesion, and clarity that this Bullying Prevention Studies program offers. This is key to the success of any classroom, school, or district. I am thrilled to see this opportunity in place for our educational community.”

Dr. Joyce Mundy, Retired Superintendent, Centennial School District

“At the United Way, we are excited to partner with a leading and innovative program in bullying prevention and diversity. This program provides students, teachers, and administrators with the support they need to reduce bullying and aggressive behavior in schools. It is research-based with a grassroots focus in finding solutions. I strongly urge teachers and administrators to enroll.”

Jamie Haddon, CEO, United Way of Bucks County

“As a school board member and parent, I care passionately about bullying prevention, and I am thrilled to see such an outstanding program that covers bullying from the schoolyard to the locker room to cyberspace. It incorporates the latest research while requiring that the experts – our classroom teachers – apply the content to their classrooms and school communities.”

Tyler Tomlinson, Esq., former School Board Member, Central Bucks School District

The LGBT Inclusive School – course evaluations

“I would recommend this course to everyone.”
“This course would be beneficial to any educator or person.”
“I think it should be a required course for educators at all levels.”