What is an asynchronous course?

An asynchronous course does not have a formal meeting time. All instructional materials are available online so that you can take the class when you are available to do so.

What is the cost of a three-credit graduate course?

Our graduate courses are offered at a discount rate of $895.

Are these courses from an accredited college or university?

Yes, learn more about our college partnership with Delaware Valley University.

Do these courses reflect the needs of teachers and school officials?

Absolutely. The entire program is designed by teachers for teachers.

Who should take these classes?

Classroom teachers, guidance counselors, school nurses, school administrators, instructional aides, and anyone working with youth to reduce bullying and aggressive behavior.


When can I register during the semester?

Courses are asynchronous, so you have flexibility when you sign-up. Keep in mind that all due dates for each session are firm, so make sure that you have enough time in your schedule for a three-credit graduate course. We will offer the course again each session. During the school year, you can sign-up anytime up until two weeks before the work is due. During the summer, you can sign-up anytime up until ten days before the work is due.

Will these courses be offered again?

Yes.  Once the deadline for these courses passes, we will open another section.

Can I get a refund if I drop the class?

If you drop the course before it begins, you are entitled to a full refund. If you drop the course before the class reaches the halfway point, you are entitled to a 50% refund. After that point, no refunds are provided.

How do I pay for the course?

We use PayPal to ensure a trusted and well-known process for payment for the course. You do not need a PayPal account to register via PayPal. You just need a credit card. You can print your receipt at that time, or you can contact us to request a receipt from Innovative Learning Institute.

What policies apply to each course?

  • Payment in full is due at the start of each course.
  • For asynchronous courses, start time is flexible for students. However, the ending date for each course is a binding deadline for submission of all work.
  • Students cannot sign-up for an asynchronous course if there is less than five days left in the course session. In such a case, students can sign-up for the same course during a different session.
  • Final grades will be submitted within two weeks of the end of each class.


When is my work due?

While the timing is flexible for when you sign-up and are in class, there is a firm deadline for completing your work. Please check the registration website to ensure that you are clear regarding the final due date for work.

How do I contact my professor?

Once you register for the course, you will be provided with the contact information for your professor.

How will I be graded?

There are varied assessments for each course. Sometimes you will need to demonstrate knowledge of the presentation or streaming video you watched through selective response questions. Other times you will demonstrate your understanding of the content through a paper. The culminating project is a paper that requires designing practical applications of what you have learned in your classroom or school community.

Can I use what I learn in these classes in my school?

Absolutely. That is entirely the point. We believe in Dewey’s concept that learning should never be aloof from doing. The culminating project in each class is meant to specifically reflect your needs in your school.

Final Grades

How do I get my grade from Delaware Valley University?

Grade reports from Delaware Valley University are offered by request at no charge to the students. An official transcript can also be provided.

How do I get a Grade Report?

Please email registrar@delval.edu and request a printed final grade report and tell them how you want it submitted: email, fax, or mail.This grade report will state your name, class(es), grade(s), and Delaware Valley University. There will be no charge to you. Here is the grade report form.

What do I do if I need an official transcript?

If you need an official transcript, there is a charge for that. You can request an official transcript by clicking here.

I teach in Pennsylvania and need ACT 48 credit

Pennsylvania requires that students request ACT 48 credits before a college can provide them. Additionally, the state now requires that a PDE ID is used. If you do not already have a Professional Personnel ID, please visit this site and complete the form. Once you have your ID, instructions for ACT 48 reporting from Delaware Valley University can be found here.