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Our blog features our professors, students, and kindred spirits with similar goals as we have for our online, accredited graduate courses in Bullying Prevention and Diversity.

How to Complete Your Masters Degree in One Year

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It is challenging but – thanks to our FlexPace model – possible to complete your Masters degree in one year through our graduate program in social and emotional learning with a badge certificate in bullying prevention. For the highly motivated, here is how to complete your degree in one year at your own pace. Pacing […]

Blog: “No-Gay Thursday:” 4 Things Adults Can Do To Reduce Sexual Assault and Bullying of Children

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– David M. Hall, Ph.D.,  Innovative Learning Institute In suburban Philadelphia, a football team at an elite public school sexually humiliated the freshman varsity players every week on “No-Gay Thursday.” One freshman tried to walk away from this ritual and two seniors grabbed him and held him down while a third penetrated his rectum with a […]

Opinion: What the tragedy of Tyler Clementi teaches about teen sexting

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Dharun Ravi made videos of his college roommate, Tyler Clementi, sexually involved with another man. Tyler was unaware that he was being recorded and broadcast. Confronted with this violation of his privacy, Tyler committed suicide by jumping from the George Washington bridge. In 2008, Jessica Logan, a high school senior in Ohio, sent naked pictures […]

Opinion: What ‘Glee’ tells us about new LGBT allies

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The Valentine’s Day episode of “Glee” introduced the God Squad’s Joe Hart, a student who is a committed Christian. His only tattoos are bible quotes, and each of his dreadlocks is named after a bible verse. Joe wants to make Christianity cool, so the God Squad, a Christian club, agrees to sing “vocal valentines” for […]

Opinion: How bystanders can protect kids from bullying

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(CNN) – When EricJames Borges was in college, he said, his mother performed an exorcism over him to “cure” him of being gay. He recalled reaching a breaking point in high school when he was assaulted in class while a teacher was present. He said that verbal and physical assaults, which included being spit on, occurred […]

Attention Rick Santorum: Here’s how to support a gay child

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(CNN) – During the final Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire, Rick Santorum was asked how he would respond if his son told him he was gay. “I would love him as much as I did the second before he said it,” Santorum responded. He received applause for this statement, which is surprising since loving our […]